research project

research project
Multiple Sclerosis and Family Therapy

The working title of the project is called ” The effect of family formation on the life of MS patients .”

I have been more than 11 years, especially family stand . Understanding the possibilities and limits of our personal freedom strengthens and oriented me and my work as a medical practitioner . Now I will also study the effect of constellation work scientifically . With an academic background – with a degree in humanities – I take it back to research methods of qualitative social research . Necessary for an evaluation of the methods of ” grounded theory ” of client data I win a family constellation behind them . I erfrage in an extensive interview, as it is people who have been diagnosed with MS . The basic feeling changed by the family constellation ? Here are the neurological symptoms less in focus, but subjective qualities such as self-awareness , self-understanding . ” How do I feel ? How do I feel in the world? ”
From this project, I expect a deepening of my understanding of the processes of disease and healing . Besides my therapist Selbstständikeit as a philological dissertation at the European University Viadrina be made. I realize it is a bold project, but with patience and respect , it should take place.

The method of systemic family constellation accesses our deep-rooted , social embeddedness , especially that of our home ( it also sheds sometimes may be) . Even if we hold in our consciousness for self-determination , our system affects us more often than we would like and determines our fate in their own way . This can be help or hinder in any case it is partly about our will. We are only partially free to decide our life steps themselves .

Many of it’s overall good order . Some , however, seems more related to problematic way is ” entangled ” with systemic suffering. There are usually subtle , but existential and especially not influenced by our desire feelings . We are not free , but the service made ​​by our system .

In a statement determining such compensation may be visible. This can take place solutions for the system of the client / the client or allows to be more subtle level.

Kernsensorium the preparation method is an intriguing phenomenon : the reliability of the Deputy perception. The action is not involved deputies have the forces to and serve the therapist as an indicator. Also, figures or any object can fill this support function.

The research project is such that the effective power of family formation are examined through interviews of clients who have seen a family constellation in advance. How is the lifestyle has changed through the experience of a family constellation ? How sustainable are these changes?

In the method , especially the level is considered ” movement of the soul.” From a scientific hygiene can can not be used for the dissertation conducted by myself statements. So far, the team were instructed on the project by Harald Homberger . In principle, however other experienced therapists in question .

Several weeks to months after installation I run about a 2- hour interview and then upgrade it with the methods of qualitative social research .
On the development of the project I report outside the University on request.

A longer article on this research was published in the ” Compass ” , the MS magazine of the National Association of DMSG Berlin (2011 /2). Ask for further information about the work and about the project , please call or e -mail.

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