Therapeutic Massages

A massage gives you an overall feeling of well being, supporting, however, a long term healing effect. Within the calm and quiet atmosphere of my space, we discuss your needs as well as the desired timeframe of the treatment.

Curative Massage Treatment
With light handed strokes or with stronger movements we enter the treatment, into the realm where you can relax, recover, transform: where you can breathe and perceive. Usually I start with a subtle massage of your neck and shoulders. My hands tune into your issue and the specific qualities of your person and a liberating and strengthening dialog without words evolves.
The benefits of my work are based on a solid medical understanding and the skills of a seasoned practitioner. What is crucial is the respect for the dynamic qualities of your physical structure. It is a holistic comprehension of the unity of body, mind and soul that guides me always.

Further steps in the treatment may develop or be suggested according to your needs. The massage will end with a quiet moment. Now you may coast and savor, taste bliss and remember.