The method treats your symptoms while considering your entire being.

Symptoms are part of the complex person you are, your essence and your special way of being. This is what with the term holistic means. By starting you consent with your health in undertaking this quest. A successful homeopathic treatment is to able t relieve you of your symptoms and to re-establish your well-being.
An extensive interview in the beginning provides me with an impression of the way you are. I will refer to this complete image during the whole treatment in my choice of remedies! I take notes of your health history, giving extra attention to the special characteristics and to what is unusual in your story. Minor details may be of relevance here! I also inquire the health issues showing in your family history.
This initial conversation will take 1,5 to 2 hours. After a thorough analysis I will decide on a remedy and the way it will be administered.

During the next days I will closely observe the development of your health, thus checking the effects of your remedy. I suggest that we then arrange follow-up appointments approximately once a month.
The idea is to accompany and coach you on your individual journey.

You are free to end the treatment whenever you want. Usually things take time with homeopathy. A popular rule of thumb is: healing through homeopathy tends to take as many months as the disease has existed in years.

Acute cases
Homeopathy is likewise able to cure complaints of an acute nature. The fitting remedy may reduce pain and even make symptoms obsolete.